What can I do for YOU

You may be asking yourself as you read this site: What’s different here than I can get anywhere else? There’s a Chabad right off campus, we have a Hillel, and there’s any number of Jewish sites on the web.

I am building an online Jewish college campus ministry. There are a number of aspects to it which I am currently working on. The material I am providing on the site is so you will have a little something to work away with every time you visit, and so you get to know me a little better.

Campus Appearances: What’s a rabbi if he can’t even show up on campus? I am available for any type of programming you may like. I can come as a guest rabbi for Shabbat, guest speaker for any number of events or club types, or help you develop programming to create a more Jewish environment. I have some great ideas but it’s about what you would like to develop on your own campus.

Online classes: I wish I could be everywhere at once but I like being at home with my wife and baby also. Technology has helped us bridge the distance gap and I can offer online classes to students on any campus. Learn together with me and Jews all over the country.

You-give discussion groups: You have enough professors handing you the wisdom of the ages, or whatever they came up with in the bathroom last night. Shouldn’t you be able to guide your own intellectual search? I am putting my curriculum development skills to work for you by creating prepackaged materials for you to running your own discussion groups. I can write them for any occasion on any topic for a number of skill levels. My packages come with learning goals, translated original sources and secondary documents, and discussion questions.

Connectivity: Do you know how many Jews there are on college campuses around the country? I don’t. In fact nobody does. Many Jews go underground or completely do away with their Jewish identity while at college. Jews need a place to go to where they can explore the positive aspects of their Jewish identity and meet people going through the same issues. I’m providing the platform for this. Meet Jews from around the world who are connecting to the global community I’m setting up on this web site.

4 Responses to What can I do for YOU

  1. Haim Cohen says:

    Please sign me up

  2. Jody says:

    I have a question… my son will be starting college in the fall. With all the antisemitism on college campuses these days, if he is approached with the question “are you Jewish”?, how is supposed to answer?

    Please reply by email. Thank you.

  3. A. Miller says:

    Hi! Saw onn twitter that you seemed to be a fan of Marco Rubio. A frum guy in brooklyn created a site called ThankYouMarco.org for people to post thank you notes to the senator. It would be a nice kiddush Hashem if we can get many frum people to post notes of appreciation for his support for EY as well as his tremendous pro-life advocacy. If you can spread the word, it would be nice. Yasher Koach! Also, if people have pictures with Marco —- it would be great to make the site into a predominantly jewish site.

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