How Did Jesus Get Into the Kabbalah?

I had an unusual conversation a while back after the passing of R’ Philip Berg with a Christian missionary.   He was not only asserting that the Kabbalah teaches that Jesus is the Jewish messiah, with the Christian understandings of the term messiah, but also that this is the official doctrine of the Kabbalah Center itself.  This last point I find very difficult to believe.  Yes I am aware that R’ Berg was willing to compromise on halachic (Jewish legal) principles in order to spread his version of Kabbalah to as many people who would be willing to hear.  He knew flat out that the messiah of the Kabbalah and the messiah of Judaism are one and the same, a great religious leader and warrior king (Nm. 24:17)  who would bring the Jews back from exile  (Ez. 36:24), bring world peace (Is. 2:2-4; Mc. 4:1-4; Ez. 39:9), and rebuild the Temple (Is. 2:2; Ez. 37:26-28).  I simply can’t accept he would have said otherwise.

There are two basic claims that this missionary made as far as Jesus is concerned: Christian Trinitarianism is consistent with the Kabbalah and that Jesus is the messiah of the Kabbalah.  The first point I would like to make clear is that contrary to popular belief one cannot actually separate Judaism and the Kabbalah.  However, I will simply cite a few sources from the Kabbalah that demonstrate Judaism’s general stance.  The first point is that the anthropomorphic reading of the Kabbalah is not acceptable according to the Zohar, one of the foundational texts of the Kabbalah.  The Sefer Haredim Ch. 4 quotes the Zohar (Idrah Rabbah 3:127) that a person is cursed for ascribing physical characteristics to (even) the Sefirot.  This would make anyone who tried to say the Trinity is derived from the Kabbalah an idolator.  This piece of the Zohar is a general rule under which the entire Kabbalah must be understood.

The question still remains about Jesus himself.  If we were to rely on the Jewish record without the Kabbalah, we might find ourselves with serious questions.  It does not actually seem that the early Rabbis knew who he was.  The mention of Jesus in the works of the contemporary historian Josephus is questionable at best, the Talmudic account of an evil Jesus is of a man who lived about 100 years before the Jesus of the New Testament, and if the account of Rabban Gamliel in the Book of Acts (5:33-39) is historically accurate then the Rabbis didn’t even know anything about his following until after his death!  Keeping this in mind, this is what the Kabbalah has to say about Jesus:

Yeshua HaNotzri: He is the final portion of the filth of Kayin which is called the last waste product. Therefore he is punished in boiling waste products. He himself is the Nefesh of the man who cursed God in the time of Moshe. His name is seen in the first letters of the verse; Vayikra 24:16:  “And whoever blasphemes the name of HaShem will die.” (The first three letters are vov, shin, yud: Yesho, as it is in the Talmud.) Therefore it says of him that he was the son of an Israelite woman and doesn’t mention his father’s name, because he was a mamzer just like his first gilgal. (Sefer HaGilgulim of Rav Haim Vital Ch. 67)

I’m not sure when and how this confusion set in about Jesus in the Kabbalah.  I hope this sets the record straight about the issue.  I understand that the Kabbalah Center does not take its cues from the mainstream Jewish community but I hope this article is taken under advise by its teachers should they decide to continue this narrative.

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  1. Once again you slander and spread lies about myself and the Kabbalah Centre. I am not a Christian missionary. I was born a Jew (Israelite) and my parents and grandparents on both sides are all Jews (Israelites) all the way back in our family history. Of course, the word “Jew” never appears in the Torah. We are the Children of Israel. Look in the Zohar if you want to know the definition of “Jew” besides being the Tribe of Judah.

    Regarding Jesus, what we share about Jesus is what is explained by Rabbi Moses David Valle, who is Mashiach ben David of his generation according to the Ramchal, Rabbi Moses Chaim Luzzatto. And what Valle says is what I share and what you wrote today is what Valle says are “repugnant lies” about Jesus and his true teachings and that the world continues to burn and bleed because have not fixed these mistakes.

    Jesus was sent to bring the pagans back to the True Torah, the Zohar and Kabbalah. But he spoke in parable to the masses because they would never understand the teachings at that time. Imagine trying to explain a fax machine or the Theory of Relativity only 200 years ago.

    So there is no Christian missionary activity taking place but rather the goal of showing Christians the true teachings of Jesus, which are Torah and the Israelites repairing the damage that they did on Mount Sinai with the Building of the Golden Calf.

    All the nations experienced Revelation on Sinai. They all heard it in their own language. But its the Israelites, You, Me and all of us, who blew it for the gentile nations.

    Rav Valle explains that both Christians and Jews have no clue as to the truth of Jesus and his teachings.

    The New Testament is not the true teachings of Jesus, though his true teachings are included in it in the form of parable. The rest of it is paganism. But that is ALSO by the design of the Creator. Why? See my lecture and i explain everything.

    Israel being a Light Unto all the Nations means bringing the Zohar, the Light also known as the Or Ganuz, the hidden Light that shined on Mount Sinai, back to the rest of the gentile nations.

    That is our responsibility. Not to convert them, but to nourish them with Light by removing our own ugly ego by using the path of Torah to transform our Evil Inclination.

    As we change, and as we share the Zohar, we elevate the gentile nations out of the klippa.
    This what the Ari teaches and what Chaim Vital explains. You have no understanding whatsoever of what Chiam Vital is saying because you do not have a Kabbalah teacher to explain and as the Zohar says, to teach Kabbalah on your own, brings death and darkness to the world. So do not quote the Ari without first getting an understanding of the Supernal Realm, the Tree of Life, the Ten Sephirot, the language of branches and other teachings from Rav Ashlag, Rav Brandwein, Rav Berg, Karen Berg, Yehuda Berg, Michael Berg and all the teachers of the Kabbalah Centre.

    The Ari says there is no galut, no exile in which we are being punished. He says the reason we were sent into all these foreign nations, and idol worshipping nations, was to help extricate them from the klippah. If we fail, then we will be persecuted by the very nations we failed to help.

    Only the Kabbalah Centre is doing this work. Througout history, Rabbis, such as yourself, damn the Kabbalists, slander the Kabbalists and degrade the Kabbalists preventing what should be our Final Redemption.

    How dare you call me a Christian Missionary, spreading Loshen Horah and lies.

    Look in the mirror and find the negativity within yourself, for that is what we are commanded to do.

    You have posted other lies and slander against Rav Berg, who rests in peace, and so you commit the gravest of sins by allowing loshen hora on your site and spreading a lie about me, for you now are desecrating the name of Rav Berg by doing so.

    But of course, instead of falling on your knees and apologizing, looking within and taking responsibility, you will find rational excuses for your actions. That reveals zero Light in the world. Apologizing and finding your ego, your Evil Inclination and your insecurity in your actions, THAT takes courage and THAT is what reveals Light to all the nations and helps remove anti-semitism and hasten the arrival of the Mashiach.

    • A few points I would like to address with you Billy:
      1. The other commenter you debated on my other post called you a missionary in his comments. I questioned this assertion. You did not. The Talmud says that silence is like admission (Shtika K’hodaah).
      2. I did not slander R’ Berg. Quite the opposite. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was not the person who introduced Jesus into the Kabbalah Center’s teachings, because that would be a massive corruption of what the Kabbalah actually teaches.
      3. I’d like to see the original quotes of what R’ Valle and the Ramhal actually say, not what you tell me they say and not a translation. I also want you to find me any classical source that says it is permissible to teach Kabbalah to non-Jews or even those Jewish scholars who are not of the highest caliber. I can show you many that say the other way, including the Idrah Rabba I quoted. I want the original citations.
      4. Tell me which facts I got wrong and why. Bring me proofs and original source texts. I will not accept translations. I have not seen one citation of anything you have stated. I provided you that courtesy and I expect the same.
      5. The source of that quote from Sefer HaGilgulim is found in Or HaNer from Rabbi Meir Paphrish, which can be found in Sefer Torat HaGilgal. I will have to check out the original citation as I only have it second-hand, but I invite you to do the same.
      6. Not all kabbalists (or rabbis for that matter) are created equal. I’ve never heard of R’ Valle before you quoted him or even seen him quoted. One has to ask the question why his absence in the Rabbinic record, because the Zohar, Ari, Ramhal, Hida etc… are all quoted frequently.

      • The other person who called me a missionary wrote all of his garbage and slander after i stated bluntly on your blog that i would no longer dignify his lies and comments with a response, after having responded a few times already. You read that. You knew i would not respond to him any further. This other person was posing as two different individuals posting comments on your site for the purpose of spreading lies and slander and evil tongue.

        If you dont want to man up to your mistakes, its not my job to convince you otherwise. It’s on your head, as i have stated before on your blog. You still have not removed his slanderous and cruel comments from your site.

        I am not here to convince you. I am not here to sell you or even teach you. I presented the translations of Valle’s writings, as translated by one of the closest students of Rav Kadouri, because he was fluent in Old Italian and Hebrew as the Valle manuscript was written in both languages. If you don’t believe me, thats a reflection of whats inside of you. And it’s a copout. And a cheap one at that. You are subtly accusing me of lying about what I am sharing.

        I don’t care if you have not heard of Valle, if Ramchal speaks highly of him and designates him Mashiach ben David I accept the word of one of the greatest torah and talmudic minds of history. I should listen to the College Rabbi instead of Ramachal? Is that what you are really suggesting? As for sources about Ramchal and Valle you can read his biography by scholar Isaiah Tishby and you will see the truth.

        I am not here to do the work for you. If you want more, go get it. If you want translations, go find them. Like i did. I worked on this for ten years. And went through a lot of pain in the process.

        As for citations and more sources for Valle, read Moses David Valle’s hand written manuscript by getting a copy from the Jewish Theological Seminary. It’s called: “I Sette Giorni della Verità.” So there are your sources.

        The Jewish Encylcopedia will tell you Valle was once Ramchal’s teacher, which shows his greatness, but then when Ramchal revealed himself, he became a colleague, not a student. Read Tishby.

        Yet, you still have not apologized. You still have not taken down the slander against me on your site. Instead you think i am lying about the quotes i share and you ask for sources.

        You quote the Torah to hide your own Evil Inclination and mistakes. If you would just admit your mistakes and evil inclination in this situation, you would bring Light to the world. Right now. This is what the Baal Shem Tov teaches, what the Zohar teaches and this is what the Torah is all about. Uproot the Evil Inclination. Not serve it.

        Instead, you debate. You rationalize your actions. You justify your deeds. And the world bleeds because of this approach.

        Light is revealed when we admit and find our ego. Period. No other way. Yet you won’t.

        So now you have your proofs and original source texts on Valle. The rest comes from the Zohar.

        People see what they want to see. If you still cannot see, its not my problem. I am not here to convince you. You either open up, apologize and the Light will come to you or you can continue to rationalize your behavior and ask for more and more and more and more proofs so that you do not have to accept difficult truths that pinch and prickle your ego.

        Finally, Rav Berg DID introduce Jesus into the Kabbalah Centres teachings. The Rav said the same thing as Valle. That Christianity was a marketing ploy by Paul and others who distorted Jesus’ true teachings and true intent to lead the others astray. It was Paul.

        But Valle says and Rav Berg teaches, that even this was done on purpose. Christianity was set up to be an idol worshipping nation for the jews to be exiled into. But God did not want to abandon the Jews or the pagans. So he put the teachings of Kabbalah inside Christianity, in a literal way, so it sounds like idol worshipping. Which it is when taken literally. But if you know Zohar, and Kabbalah, the truth about Torah, you realize its all truth. Its all Torah. I am not talking about the paganism in Christianity. I am talking about Son of God, Trinity (which means Father as Keter, Chochmah and Bina) the Son (being Zeir Anpin) and Holy Spirit (being Malchut). This is all explained in the Zohar. But taken literally, its sounds like idol worshipping. This was done so that the Jews would have a lifeline, an umbilical cord back to the Torah even though they are exiled in an idol worshipping nation. its a brilliant and stunning strategy by the Creator.

        But you just keep hanging on to your narrow minded view, because its so much easier to defend yourself than to admit your mistakes, your worries, your insecurities and your ego.

        • Okay, so I will give that you dumped out, though it was hard to keep track of that conversation. I’m still not sure why I should think of you as anything but a missionary. You’re evangelizing on my web site right here, and on my other post as well. I really didn’t need to reference it. And you’re continuing to evangelize, though with a healthy dose of “shove it rabbi!”

          So I checked out R’ Valle with some colleagues. It appears I haven’t been getting the whole story about him either from you. This is the problem when you don’t cite your sources; I can’t check them. This is what Rav Yisroel Blumenthal had to say about R’ Valle:

          “On page 123 Shapira claims that the Ramad Vali identified Jesus as Messiah son of Joseph. The actual words that Rabbi Vali uses are “sod Moshiach” and the Ramchal (Rabbi Vali’s teacher) actually has an essay explaining the meaning of these words (Kin’at Hashem Tzev’ot pg. 104; Rabbi Freidlander edition). It is clear that these words do NOT mean that the man is literally Messiah son of Joseph. In any case Rabbi Vali himself makes his views on Jesus very clear (Sefer Halikutim Vol. 1 pg. 54) and it is obvious that he saw him as an opponent to God and Godliness.”

          This quote comes from his review of the The Return of the Kosher Pig , which you can read here:

          I will repeat: when reading Jesus into the text of the Zohar, you are either misunderstanding or misrepresenting the text, as I demonstrated from the Idrah Rabbah. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume you’re just resistant to my ideas.

          • Lies, altered texts, manipulations. You are a disgrace to the Torah. I quoted exactly what Valle wrote in his Italian manuscript. The book you are quoting was altered, and we have proofs because it was translated by Joseph Spiner. And again you call me a missionary to disguise and distract from your ugly, disgraceful and slanderous remarks about fellow Jews.

            Your quote from the Ari via Chaim Vital is a complete fabrication. You spread slander again by using that quote.
            This was not from R chaim Vital!
            It’s a combination of many opinions about many things.
            There is a story in the Torah about this guy that cursed God.
            It says about him that his father was Egyptian (that Moshe killed) and his mother was Israelite.
            The Ari in Ta’amei Hamitzvot (portion of Emor) says that the Egyptian that Moshe (as the reincarnation of Abel) killed was a reincarnation of the negative aspect of Kane.
            This guy (the Egyptian’s son) is totally negative without any aspect of good.
            The Ari speaks about one of the Names of God (EKVK) and say that this guy was “cursing” this name and he quotes a verse that its initials gives the Name (EKVK).
            In the same section of the Torah there is a verse that its initials gives the word “yeshu” (it appears in the Talmud).
            Now – Some rabbis and scholars did the trick of calculating one plus one equals three. They put Jesus as incarnation of this guy and made a connection as the Talmud says that Jesus was son of Yosef hanotzri (sounds like mitzri – Egyptian) and he is a mamzer (bastard) as the guy from the Torah was.

            This kind of slander is what causes anti semitism throughout history.

            Second, Sefer hagilgulim is not from Rabbi Haim Vital, but loosely based on his writings. What we accept are the 8 gates, one of which is Shaar haGilgulim, and still, when the manuscript was compared with the printed text, still shows discrepencies.

            Its rabbis like you who change the text, alter the text, find the negative, assume the worst and create separation between people. You foment conflict and arouse hatred between the Jews and Jews, Christians and Jews and the Zohar describes you perfectly in the section called the Five Kinds of Mixed Multitudes.

            I will not dignify your slanderous, evil, cowardly, and gutless responses any further.

          • I have a quote from a rebbe of mine. He said to use the exact wording:

            Please tell your friend he is an ignoramus when it comes to Kabbalah and the works of the Ari. There are three sources for the direct teachings of the Ari from his main talmid R. Chaim Vital. The first is the 8 gates put out by Chaim Vital’s son R. Shmuel Vital. The second is the collection from R. Meir Paphrish, which includes writings of his father that R Shmuel Vital did not include. The third are the works of R. Yakov Tzamach, which I shall ignore for now. The second collection was very influential in Europe. It is the ‘Bible’ of Kabbalah and is considered authoritative by all. So for example in the 8 gates, one gate is called Shaar HaHakdamos (The gate of prefaces), R. Meir took this, added manuscripts that were left out and organized it and it has the name of ‘Eitz Chaim’. He took Shaar HaKavonos and organized it and called it ‘Pri Eitz Chaim’. He did the same with Shaar HaGilgalim and called it Sefer HaGilgalim. The former is divided into 40 ‘Hakdamos’ while the later is divided into 73 chapters. I quoted from the later in chapter 67, which is an expansion on hakdama 36 of Shaar HaGilgalim. Your friend is free to look it up.

          • So here we have it, the confrontational people like your rabbi who who uses ugly words to defend his misguided position. He and others like him dont take time to learn what true Kabbalists like Eli Benamozegh have to say about Truth, because it bothers their confrontational stand, of course. But it teaches us a few things: first that we need to be aware of the true sources and the ones that might have been corrupted, by censorship and by a history of pogroms that sometimes let foreign hands get into the texts. This is why authors like Benamozegh, and like Rav Berg who have truly received (receiving being the right translation for Kabbalah) from their teachers, are so essential today. The real war was fought in the history books and the corruption of texts is undeniable and without a true master like Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein to transmit Truth to his student and disciple, Rav Berg, you will have others being led astray by censorship and lies inserted into the sacred texts. This also happened in the Holy Zohar when it was printed in two different cities in Italy after Pope Paul IV gave permission to print it.

            Make no mistake. Sefer hagilgulim is a good example. It is not from Rabbi Haim Vital directly as I stated, but loosely based on his writings. What we accept are the 8 gates. I have seen many handwritten manuscripts by kabbalists and printed versions and the omissions and the changes were appalling. I have received microfilm and printed copies of manuscripts relating to Valle and Benamozegh and others and when the subject turned to Jesus and Kabbalah the pages were torn out. Literally. They stopped mid sentence.

            Secondly, it is important to remember that Kabbalah is universally addressed to all humanity. That is where your own ignorance shines brightly. The Zohar states plainly that it is in the merit of this knowledge that redemption, the advent of universal peace, and the filling of the earth with Hashem’s knowledge will come. This is what Rav Ashlag teaches. he says the Trumpet that is sounded at the time of redemption is NOT a shofar. Its our breath sharing the wisdom of Zohar with all the gentile nations, and until we do, the redemption will be delayed.

            We are told that all things, in Time, Space, and Being, are just a manifestation of Ein Sof inside kelim, Infinite Light inside finite vessels, nothing escapes that rule. So the ones claiming that evil has a reality beyond the notion of illusion are mistaken. Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, are an expression of divine Will. Thats the message of Kabbalah. The ones like your rabbi friend who deny that have the problem on their hands, not I. Kabbalah has come to the world as the tool that can explain that. The fact that you dont know it or cannot yet agree with it is because they you not on the level of grasping it yet, so instead you spread lies, slanders and call me names to defend your limited view of reality.

            No big deal. You will, at some point in this life or another life, in the next Gilgul according to your Tikkun, come to the truth. No problem, Hashem has the patience for you as well. There is a distinction made in R. Hayim Vital’s writings between the worlds of Tikun and the worlds of Temurah. It is found at the end of Etz Hayim, where R. Chaim Vital speaks about the worlds of Kelipot, or the Adam Bliyaal. He says that the Kelipot stand as a mirror to the worlds of Kedusha. So this is why sometimes there is a false reflection so to say of Kedusha in the Klippot. Like religious people for instance ‘monkeying’ the truth to behave and speak with false attitude. What is the spirit such people call the divine, or what are the spirits they get inspiration from which they see as the prophets etc and claim to believe in? From these chapters of Etz Hayim we see that these represent the heykhalot of Klippa, which have the same names etc as those of Keddusha, but which Rabbi Hayim Vital calls also by different names, he says the same way as we have Partzufim of Kedusha called Rachel, Leah, Yaakov, Israel, Abba, Ima etc so do these hekhalot of impurity have similar Partzufim etc, and our purpose is to free the sparks that have fallen into these places. So as there is a Jesus of Keddusha, of Holiness, so is there an aspect comparable to that in Klippa. The same goes for the other prophets and holy figures. A good example is when the Ari explains that Laban, Yaakov’s father in law, truly represents the Ein Sof.

            What is the difference between these ways of understanding?

            It is up to our free will to see the illusion of dark, or the truth of life. What you see in jesus is a reflection of your own soul. If you say Jesus is a bastard who boiling in waste products, it is your own soul boiling in waste products. This is a fundamental teaching of the Baal Shem Tov. What you see in others is what is inside of you.

  2. By the way Rabbi, your quote from the Ari is bogus. Its a forgery. Its more of the lies that the Kabbalist Rav Moses David Valle speaks of. Looks like all you do is spread false information and lies about me and the Kabbalah Centre. There is no Chapter 67 in Sefer HaGilgulim. The Kabbalists tell us there are many forgeries that were put into the Zohar, the writings of Chaim Vital and other Kabbalistic works because Rabbis like you were scared to death of the truth about Jesus and Kabbalah.

    • Rav Haim Vital. And it’s repeated again in a more toned down version in Minhat Yehuda, which I have actually seen inside. I’ll get the proper citation for you. I’m not digging the name-calling and slander though.

  3. Kabbalist Rav Berg never compromised on Halakhah in spreading Kabbalah. Never. There is no organization in the world that is as faifthul to the Halakhah and Torah as the Kabbalah Centre. The arrogance for you to speak on Rav Berg’s behalf is beyond imagining. You have no clue about the Messiah, or what the Kabbalists say about the Messiah. Stop spreading darkness for you hasten the arrival of the very Messiah you attempt to speak about.

  4. Yehuda Yisrael says:

    Billy Phillips, I think we need to ask ourselves a very important question: Did Rav Shimon Bar Yochai believe that jesus was the Messiah? After all, he is understood to be the original author of the Zohar…Do we even see any Tannaic statements which indicate that jesus was the Messiah? It’s fruitless for you to use Kabbalah as a front to peddle jesus as Messiah if the main source of Kabbalah neglects to mention such an important detail…

    Shalom and G-d bless.

    • Dear Yehuda,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment in a civilized and respectful manner. I appreciate that.

      Kabbalist Abraham Abulafia, and Kabbalist Rabbi Moses David Valle (the Mashiach ben David of his generation) both tell us that Jesus was the Messiah son of Joseph who was sent to redeem the gentile nations and bring them back to the Torah. You need to take up your argument with them. Abraham Abulafia goes into great detail about how Jesus was the Messiah. Check out his writings.

      My teacher, Kabbalist Rav Berg, told me never to give opinions, no matter how brilliant or wonderful they may seem. He told me to only quote the Kabbalists. And he told me to not even trust the printed books for they were altered, censored and changed. He instructed me to look at handwritten manuscripts.

      So what I share is not my opinion. I am sharing what Kabbalists say and what the Zohar says.

      As for Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, please read the Zohar after taking into account what Abulafia and Valle and Kabbalist, Rabbi and scholar Eli Benamozegh have to say.

      Rabbi Shimon describes the potential “messiah” of our world in each generation with words that are identical with what we thought was Christianity, but is, in fact, Torah. Here are some quotes from Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai:
      “Happy is the portion of the son, who deserves to strive to know his Father’s secrets (Kabbalah)…like an only child whose Father gave him authority over all his secrets.” “It is to the glory of the Son to have power over everything.” “He who strives to know God and his secrets (Kabbalah) is the ‘Son of the Holy One…” “A son is always bound to his father without any separation at all. No one stops him…” “Take care of this man, who is trusted of the King, who has all his Master’s mysteries in his hands.” “And God needs nothing but him alone.” “We have learned that when the world is full of the sins of mankind and Judgment is pronounced, woe to the righteous one who is found in the world. For he is the first to be punished for the sins of the wicked.” “This is exactly what the Holy One, blessed be He, did with the generation. He offered the righteous man for indictment in order to save the generation on his account.” “Happy is the portion of that righteous man who is strong in suffering afflictions, and…who, by means of his afflictions, manages to overcome his accuser (Satan) who has spread his control over the whole generation, and it is accounted to him as though he had saved them, and the Holy One, blessed be He, appoints him as shepherd over them…”

      The earliest Christian Fathers also knew of Kabbalah. Origen, the most famous of the scholars, writers, theologians and doctor of the church wrote: “There are two levels of Christianity just as there are two levels of Judaism. …The existence of a secret or “hidden” Judaism, next to the (literal) visible Judaism. Secret Judaism is identical to Secret Christianity.”

      To discount what Rav Valle says about Jesus being Mashiach ben Yoseph, is to ignore the teachings of Ramchal. Ramchal did not consider Rav David Valle a student. He considered him a colleague. Ramchal said that he himself was Moses (the Zohar says Moses appears in every generation with the two Messiahs, Ben Yoseph and Ben David) and he said Valle was Mashiach ben David. Thats it. End of story. There is no debating Ramchal. You can deny and refuse to accept, but that’s what is said and so the Messiah himself is telling us that Jesus was the Messiah of his generation for the gentile world.

      Valle also states: “The Jews refused to believe the power of God was flowing through Jesus and that he came to redeem the gentiles. And the Christians refused to believe it all came from the One God, the One Light.”

      Rabbi Eli Benamosegh states: “Rabbi Shimon is the author of Kabbalah and Kabbalah has given Christianity everything.”
      And he writes: “Jesus learned everything from Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai”

      The soon we realize this and realize Jesus was an Israelite, not a Christian, steeped in Torah and sent to redeem the gentiles, the quicker the gentiles will realize the truth about Jesus as well. They will realize that the Torah that is the truth and that Rabbi Shimon, Rabbi Akiva are also considered Sons of God, according to the Zohar and that Jesus was trying to lead the pagans back to the Torah, the one true God to end their pain and misery. The Christians and the Muslims have suffered for the last 2000 years as well.

      So we all share the same desire to end pain, suffering and death.

      But the most important thing right now is not to see who wins the debate. Rabbi Akiva’s students were geniuses. But their lack of mutual respect caused the destruction of the Second Temple. Its not who is smarter that is important. Its how we treat one another and how much ego we are prepared to give up so as to treat my opponent or friend or enemy with human dignity. We are here to learn to love thy neighbor, not out debate my neighbor. thats the lesson we have failed to master.

      We dont have to agree with one another. But we do have to agree to disagree with mutual dignity, respect and love.

      Hope this makes sense and wishing you and your loved ones true miracles and blessings the Light of Hashem.

    • By the way Yehuda, 99% of Jews have been duped by the corrupt religious establishment throughout history. Not my words. I promise. These are the words of the Zohar. They same “erev rav” who convinced the Israelites that Moses was dead and therefore they must build the Golden Calf to reconnect to the Sephirot, they return in every generation to prevent the spreading of Zohar and the truths. They are the ones who altered the texts in history and made up the “repugnant lies” (according to Rav Valle) about “that man Jesus and his teachings.”

      The stirred up fear and hatred and made up a whole myth about him. The fact that this site called me a Christian Missionary is proof of how much damage they have done by confusing people and creating animosity. Guess what? It worked. We have been in darkness and suffering for 2000 years. Maybe this is not working? Maybe hating Jesus and not knowing that he was a kabbalist who had zero intention of starting a new religion is the reason why we suffer? Thats what Valle says.

      Think about it.

      Besides, if you are a jew, why do you care if Jesus is the messiah for the gentiles who is supposed to lead them back to Torah?

      Your Messiah will be from lineage of Kabbalists.

      The key is uniting with others and rooting out the corruption that is delaying our redemption.

      Kol Tuv.

      • Yehuda Yisrael says:

        Shalom Billy,

        I have heard these ideas before. However, I’ve heard it explained that Rabbi Moses David Valle understood jesus to be Moshiach ben Yosef “of the other side” aka the Sitra Achra. (the side of impurity.) I actually asked a Chabad Rabbi about this and he said “Oh that makes sense!” And then he preceded to explain that Balaam also fulfilled a similar role, as his original intentions were to curse the Jews, but he ultimately ended up blessing them through Hashem’s divine intervention.

        I believe Chazal understood jesus in the same light, including the Ramchal, Moses David Valle, and Abraham Abulafia. None of them appear to uphold the teachings of the NT in high esteem, although I assume that you understand many of the teachings of the NT to be “kabbalistic.” I can’t say I agree though, since none of Chazal use the NT as “source material” for Kabbalistic interpretations. And even if some of the NT might have apparent parallels to authentic Kabbalistic concepts, to that I say, “even a broken clock is right twice a day!” This is why I brought up Rav Shimon Bar Yochai. He makes no reference to jesus in his works. Speaking about a “son” being close with Hashem is in no way exclusionary to the consensus among Orthodox Jewry today. Morever, (and unsurprisingly) it is 100% consistent with the Tanach:

        Exodus 4:22. And you shall say to Pharaoh, ‘So said the Lord, “My firstborn son is Israel.” ‘

        Here we see collective Israel being referred to as Hashem’s first born son. The word “son” is not a word that is exclusive to the Messiah. You seem to agree with this as well, as you cited that Rabbi Akiva, and Rabbi Shimon are also considered to be “sons of G-d.” I appreciate this acknowledgement on your part. The concept of “suffering” is also not exclusive to the Messiah. But even if contextually speaking, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was speaking concerning the Messiah only, why does that limit our interpretations to jesus? Simply because Rabbi David Valle thought jesus was Moshiach ben Yosef of “the side of impurity”? I say fat chance! There is no link between the teachings of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai and the idea of jesus being the Messiah son of David…And that’s a fact! Can we agree on this as well?

        But there’s another curious piece of Rabbinic history that I’d like to introduce into the discussion. Rav Yaakov Emden, (who was no stranger to Kabbalah) showed a similar pseudo amorous attitude towards jesus. However, he most likely didn’t develop these views based off the Zohar, since he was actually of the dissenting opinion that a significant portion of the Zohar was a forgery. Keeping this in mind, on what basis did Rav Yaakov Emden develop such ideas?

        I believe the most concise Chazallic reference concerning jesus’s role in Judaism can be found in the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah in Hilchos Melachim. The Rambam writes:

        “Jesus of Nazareth who aspired to be the Moshiach and was executed by the court was also spoken of in Daniel’s prophecies [Daniel 11:14], “The renegades among your people shall exalt themselves in an attempt to fulfill the vision, but they shall stumble.”

        “Can there be a greater stumbling block than [Christianity]? All the prophets spoke of Moshiach as the redeemer of Israel and their savior, who would gather their dispersed ones and strengthen their [observance of] the mitzvos. In contrast [the founder of Christianity] caused the Jews to be slain by the sword, their remnants to be scattered and humiliated, the Torah to be altered, and the majority of the world to err and serve a god other than the L-rd.”

        “Nevertheless, the intent of the Creator of the world is not within the power of man to comprehend, for [to paraphrase Yeshayahu 55:8] His ways are not our ways, nor are His thoughts our thoughts. [Ultimately,] all the deeds of Jesus of Nazareth and that Ishmaelite [i.e. Mohammed] who arose after him will only serve to pave the way for the coming of Moshiach and for the improvement of the entire world, [motivating the nations] to serve G-d together, as it is written [Zephaniah 3:9], “I will make the peoples pure of speech so that they will all call upon the Name of G-d and serve Him with one purpose.”

        “How will this come about? The entire world has already become filled with talk of [the supposed] Messiah, as well as of the Torah and the mitzvos. These matters have been spread among many spiritually insensitive nations, who discuss these matters as well as the mitzvos of the Torah. Some of them [i.e. the Christians] say: “These commandments were true, but are not in force in the present age; they are not applicable for all time.” Others [i.e. the Moslems] say: “Implied in the commandments are hidden concepts that cannot be understood simply; the Messiah has already come and revealed them.”

        “When the true Messiah king will arise and prove successful, his [position becoming] exalted and uplifted, they will all return and realize that their ancestors endowed them with a false heritage; their prophets and ancestors cause them to err.”

        Billy, I believe this is actually what you are saying when you claim that jesus is “the messiah for the gentiles.” You aren’t saying it as harshly as the Rambam, but essentially, you appear to be consistent with his line of thought. We also know that the Ramchal, Moshe David Valle, and Abraham Abulafia, and Yaakov Emden all saw the Rambam as an authentic authoritative source on the interpretation of the Torah. I believe this is where all these roads meet. Whatever jesus’s role was in history, it was not to be the Messiah son of David and it never will be. The Messiah son of David will be a human being who will bring the world to Torah in the most unifying sense at the end of days. I think we can agree on this, right Billy?

        I look forward to your response, achi!

        Shalom and G-d bless!

        • Jesus was not Mashiach ben David. He was Mashiach ben Yoseph. The true story is too long for this forum. Please feel free to check out my lecture on this subject by googling me, searching my blog or finding me on youtube. We can agree or we can agree to disagree.

          The tests in life, and what the Creator is waiting for, is for us to find the good in the other person. Period. If we find judgment, then the universe can judge us. If we live our lives only finding the good, only mercy will enter our lives. God does not punish. We pull the trigger each time we find the negativity in another.

          I wish you blessings and miracles.

    • I went further. I asked for Tannaic statements that he existed.

      • I quote what I find from the writings of the Kabbalists and Zohar. Period. If this is not enough, that is your free will to disregard everything. The truth about Jesus and Kabbalah was hidden by design, on purpose, because of the sin of the destruction of the temple. The same way the ark and the second tablets and first shattered tablets were hidden for some 1600 years before the first and second temples were rebuilt, in what should have been a Second Revelation. But the Jews blew it both times. This is what 2000 years ago was all about. It was our chance to bring the Light of Sinai (Or Ganuz) back into the world for us and for all mankind.

        We didn’t.

        We pay for it till this very day.

        Jesus’ role was to bring it to the gentiles. Rabbi Akiva was to bring it to the Jews, as were other Kabbalists of this era.

        The Jews ratted them out to the Romans and thats why Akiva was slaughtered, Rabbi Ishmael, Rabbi Gamaliel, Yehuda ben Baba, Rabbi Joshua (jesus) and all the rest. The Zohar is the Or Ganuz. Its about Light. the Light of Hashem. The Light that shined through the Tablets on Mount Sinai and then through the Zohar books themselves as revealed by Rabbi Shimon, the gilgul of Moses. Its the same story. The two tablets are the two temples.

        If what i say does not ring true, we can agree to disagree.

        Either way, i wish you blessings and an ever deepening connection to the Light that shines from Hashem.

  5. Ben Ish Hai says:

    @CollegeRabbi- I wonder if the following quote from Tikunei Zohar concerning the Nazarene is also a forgery, according to Mr. Phillips:

    Rabbi Shimon b. Yohai zt”l bemoans how some abandon the Torah, and instead are mislead by those from the side of the נחש הקדמוני (ancient serpent), and tell them to engage with angels appointed over stars, the sun, and the moon, and over those appointed over evil spirits and demons, and thus become god-like, knowing “good and evil”…then Rabbi Shimon says the following about the Nazarene:

    “ויש”ו חיבא בהאי הוה משתדל, ודור אנוש ודור המבול ודור הפלגה”

    “And Yeshu the wicked one was involved with this (engaged in the side of the ancient serpent, with those misled by engaging with angels, evil spirits, demons, etc).

    I would also like to point out, that our Sages in Talmud Suka 52 mention the concept of Mashiach ben Yosef, and it refers to a future figure from the tribe of Efraim (Yosef), a warrior like hero who fights in end of days battle. Our Sages obm could not have referred to the Nazarene as candidate for this warrior figure from tribe of Yosef/Efraim.

    a) The Nazarene never in his lifetime acted like a warrior from tribe of Yosef fighting against our enemies in end-time battle against gog u’magog. He lived way before the war of gog u’magog by all accounts, LOL.

    b) The Nazarene was NEVER associated with being from the tribe of Yosef/Efraim. The NT writings make it clear they believed he was the promised Davidic messiah, from tribe of Judah and family of David. The Sages of Israel rejected this claim as well and the reasons for this are summarized well by the RaMBaM our friend Yehuda Israel quoted above.

  6. Ben Ish Hai says:

    The above quote from R’ Shimon b. Yohai can be found in Tikunei Zohar 66, and it is clear from the words of R’ Shimon that the Nazarene was a
    “ויש”ו חיבא בהאי הוה משתדל, ודור אנוש ודור המבול ודור הפלגה”, wicked one, of those misled ones by the side of the ancient snake, the satan, etc., like many of the generations of Enosh, the Flood, and generation of separation, etc.

  7. Mr. Cohen says:

    I have decades of experience with Christian missionaries who target Jews.
    There are a few things that Jews must understand about them:

    1. They are very big liars.

    2. They are extremely dishonest.

    3. They deliberately and consistently tell LIES AND FALSEHOODS without the
    slightest drop of shame or guilt.

    4. They will say anything, repeat ANYTHING to make people convert to their religion, especially Jews.

    5. If you smart, then you will not believe what they say.
    If you are even smarter, then you will refuse to listen to anything they say.
    If you have attained wisdom, then you will STAY AWAY from them; “AWAY” as in “FAR AWAY.”

    6. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM when they claim to be Jewish.
    DO NOT BELIEVE THEM when they claim to have “Orthodox background.”
    These are two of their favorite lies.

    • I don’t claim to be Jewish. I am an Israelite, as the Torah explains. The Erev Rav of history created the word “Jew.” No where in the Torah are we referred to as Jews. We are Bnei Yisrael and my mother’s mother and her mother and her mother, all the way back,were Torah observant children of Yisrael. But you call me a liar. Amazing how you are living proof of what the Zohar says about anti-Kabbalists.

      It’s time to end and put to rest the term “Jewish”. There is no such thing as a Jewish religion. No such thing as a Jew in the context of religion. It does not exist. There is much social and religious conditioning (aka brainwashing) that has to be undone because it’s difficult for most of us to accept, embrace and, most important, comprehend that the word has zero meaning in the context of Moses, the Torah, the Zohar, and the arrival of the Messiah.

      The word Judaism also does not exist in the Torah or within the thoughts and revelations of the ancient Kabbalists.

      The true name of the people who Moses led out of Egypt and who are supposed to embrace the pathways and teachings of the Torah generation after generation is “Israelite” or the “Children of Israel.” Which leads to a question: If there is no such thing as Jewish, then what about all those Jewish organizations out in there world? Well, for starters, most have been founded and are run by self-appointed people who, on their own accord, decided to become spokespersons even though no one asked them to. Now, if you believe in the nonsense that you are Jewish, then you already fell into a trap and now you think that these people, right or wrong, are speaking on your behalf when you read about them in the news. Whether they have a right to talk for you is a separate matter for the moment. Make no mistake, they have zero right to speak for anyone, except those people who allow them to speak. But the fact is, there is no Biblical group known as a Jewish people.

      And the Torah and the Kabbalists tell us that no one, but no one, knows who is a true Israelite except for the Messiah and Elijah the Prophet. Fact is, there are tens of millions of Christians all over the world who are true Israelites, whose families over the centuries assimilated and converted to Christianity and they lost their connection to their genetic and spiritual roots. Now get ready for this one — there are many people in the world, according to the Torah, who are not true Israelites, even though they call themselves Jewish. They are actually descendants from the ancient group of people who the Torah calls “the mixed multitude” or “Erev Rav” in Hebrew. Read what the Holy Zohar says about the word “jew.”


      The Zohar says these groups of “Jews” or Mix Multitude are the ones who “Build Yeshivas (religious schools) and synagogues and they put a crown on top of the Torah but they do it for their own honor, praise and profit.” According to the Zohar, they are the cause of all chaos, destruction and hatred in the world.

      These are strong words. And if you are offended by them, please do not complain to me. I am just repeating the teachings of Zohar and the Kabbalists and trust me, I am holding back a lot of other frightening comments from the Kabbalists of history, who literally place all the blame, ALL OF IT, on the door step of Jews.

      What then is an Israelite? Who is an Israelite?

      The Torah tells us that Jacob the Patriarch battled the negative angel of his brother Esav. Jacob battled all night long and finally defeated the angel. The Zohar says this angel was none other than the dark force the Torah calls “The Satan”, which means literally, “The Adversary”.

      After Jacob defeats the angel, the Torah suddenly changes Jacob’s name. To what?


      Israel is the name of Jacob AFTER he conquers the angel of his brother Esav.

      Well, the Zohar also tells us there is no devil and no horned creature who creates evil in the world. “The Adversary” is our own ego, the dark counter intelligence that battles us each and every day. How? For instance, we want to be happy, but this force makes us worried, sad and full of fear. Where do you think you fears come from? Why, if there is a problem in life, do we immediately begin worrying instead of feeling invincible? Who programmed us that way? Why is that the so-called natural response to a difficult obstacle? Why is fear and worry the innate human reaction to real problems? Only one reason—the Satan. The ego.

      Here’s another example: We want to be optimistic about our life, but this counter intelligence and adversary makes us pessimistic and uncertain and downright depressed. Why is it so easy to feel depression and anxiety and so darn difficult to feel naturally happy and ecstatic and full of bliss? How about those moments when we decide that we want to start eating right and living healthier lives? Only a few hours later this force whispers into our head, “start the diet next week, eat the chocolate cake and the double burger right now.”

      This counter intelligence that ruins our lives and undermines all of our good intentions, is the ego or the force called The Adversary.

      The Zohar says that Jacob’s fight was actually against the Satan himself, the root of all human ego. You see, the story is about us. We are Jacob. And the angel or Satan is our own stupid ego that sabotages our life.

      Now here’s a big secret:

      We just discovered that Jacob’s name was changed to Israel AFTER he beat the living daylights out of the angel Satan. Follow this closely: The name Jacob in Hebrew (Yaakov ) has a numerical value of 182. The Hebrew word “Satan” has a numerical value of 359. By defeating Satan, Jacob literally conquers the Adversary and recaptures all of the Light that was lost to him. Therefore, Jacob adds Satan’s numeric value to his own name. Now he acquires a new name: Israel. Guess what? The numerical value of Israel is—541!

      Get it?

      Jacob (182) and Satan (359) = 541, the exact same value as the word “Israel”.

      This is an amazing secret and profound understanding. This is why the Twelve Tribes that descended from Jacob are called, The Twelve Tribes of Jacob and/or the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Israel IS Jacob. And Jacob won the name Israel by winning the fight over the Satan, the ego, the inborn self-interest and darkness inside all of us, especially those who descend from Jacob. They are known as the Hebrew tribes. They are not known as Jewish people.

      And when these Hebrew tribes and all of their descendants use the Torah to transform and defeat their own darkness and ego, they too win the name of Israelite, just as the father and patriarch of the twelve tribes Jacob did.

      An Israelite is anyone who defeats the Satan, conquers the ego using the path of Torah, recapturing all the blessings and Light that were handed over to the dark side. This is why an Israelite never, but never, points the finger of blame at anyone else. There is no outside enemy. Any enemy that despises a so-called “Jewish person”, is simply a direct reflection and a mirror image of the internal ego and Satan of the individual person—you and I. Period.

      When we defeat our inner Satan and ego and all of the self-interest and victimhood that goes along with it—just as when Jacob defeated the negative angel earning the name Israel—we too becomes an Israelite in both body and soul. And then the external enemy will transform and love the Israelites and cherish the Israelites and there will be peace on earth.

      That’s how the game of life works. We are not here to be Jews and live inside some Jewish religion. We are here to become Israelites by following the Torah and living its teachings. The path of the Torah is the ONLY tool on earth that has the power and technology to transform people into Israelites. There is no other way to reign in the ugly, pathetic ego of man.

      Whoever decides to live the teachings and walk the path of the Torah, this person is on the path to becoming an Israelite.

      But the force called Satan created the idea of religion and the concept of “Jewish” and it confuses the hell out of us. It’s probably confusing and bothering a lot people right now reading this response. That’s because we have been brainwashed for 2000 years.

      Over these last twenty centuries, the Kabbalists attempted to bring this provocative truth and wisdom to the people. Every time they tried, the Mixed Multitude unleashed a torrent of hatred and opposition against them. Though the numbers of the Mixed Multitude were few, their voices were loud; their positions in society, extremely influential. The Zohar says that the Mix Multitude are in the government, the courts, the halls of justice, the synagogues, and they control all the power and wealth. Please remember, these are the words of Rav Shimon Bar Yohai, not me!

      But we cannot point the finger at anyone, not even at the Mix Multitude, if we want to become a true student of Torah, Kabbalah and transform into an Israelite.

      The way we weaken the power of negative people in the world is by weakening our own ego and learning to love unconditionally—even loving our enemies.

      This truth is why Jesus, Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Ishmael, Rabbi Gamalial, and other great Kabbalists were slaughtered like lambs. They wanted to bring the power of Kabbalah to the world.

      But it wasn’t time. Why not?

      Because the regular people—like you and I—refused to become accountable and make the inner change necessary to eradicate self-interest, narcissism and egocentricity. Thus, this failure to change is what empowered the corrupt religious establishment to this very day.

      We can change all that now. Once and for all. We can share the Zohar, diminish our ego, give up the selfishness, strive to be kinder and lose the victim mentality. None of us have to be perfect. But if enough of us reduce the ego and take the pain a little bit, we can tip the scales and the true Israelites, the people of the Zohar, will bring tremendous Light to all the nations, as the Torah commands us to do, and we will witness and experience the End of Death and Pain and Suffering in our life time.

      So the first act that we can perform that is guaranteed to hurt our ego is this: Lose the word Jewish for good, and start looking at people’s souls and our common spark of humanity, instead of their religion.

      The way we unite forever Christians, Muslims and Israelites is for us to lose the ego by losing the word Jewish and by winning the name Israelite by recapturing the Light lost to Satan.

      What an amazing formula for peace!

  8. Mr. Cohen says:

    Billy Phillips is a dangerous liar.
    ALL of his comments should be deleted as soon as possible.

    Why give free publicity to a wicked, Jew-targeting, apostate
    like Billy Phillips? ALL of his comments should be deleted,
    the sooner the better. If College Rabbi fails to delete the
    comments of Billy Phillips, then in the afterlife, he will be
    held responsible for the damage caused by Billy Phillips.

    • Mr. Cohen,

      With all due respect I don’t believe his comments on my post are nearly as dangerous as you do. I believe anyone who approaches the post without preconceived notions will see very clearly who is in the right and having the comments here to be compared against is important to contrast. Mr. Phillips is actually giving me fantastic material for a new post where many of his comments and accusations will be addressed. I promise you that you will enjoy it, and will see the need for me to leave it up there for the world to see. After I do the post please tell me if your opinion has changed.

  9. So, you call me a dangerous liar, you call me a missionary, you want to edit and censor me from this forum because i share the truths of R. David Valle and R. Eli Benamozegh and others about the truth of Jesus trying to bring the pagans back to the true soul of Torah and how the rabbis and a few negative Jews in history tried to prevent that from happening as explained in the Zohar. As R. Valle said, “They made up repugnant lies about the teachings of Jesus and claimed it was dangerous and now we have to repair those mistakes.”

    Hmmmm. In one fell swoop, you just proved the point i was sharing.

    How profound.

  10. Ben Ish Hai says:

    Billy Phillips, do you believe the following quote from Tikunei Zohar 66 is also a forgery?

    “ויש”ו חיבא בהאי הוה משתדל, ודור אנוש ודור המבול ודור הפלגה”,

    “And Jesus the wicked one, was one of those misled ones by the side of the ancient snake, the satan, etc., like many of the generations of Enosh, the Flood, and generation of separation…”

    Also, according to the gospels themselves, Jesus DID NOT intend to deal with gentiles at all. He referred to some as dogs, and commanded his disciples when sharing the “good news”, to be careful to avoid gentiles.

    Matthew 10:5, “Jesus sent out these twelve, instructing them as follows: “Do not go to Gentile regions and do not enter any Samaritan town.”

    Matthew 15:24, “He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.””

    Mark 7:28, “And he was saying to her, “Let the children be satisfied first, for it is not good to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.””

    Looks like from the his own words, he had no desire or mission to bring gentiles back to G-d as you claim. This begs the question, “if Jesus himself is quoted as being sent only his people, and forbidding his disciples from going to gentiles, then how do you claim that he his mission was to rescue gentiles?” – Seems like R’ Valle and others you mentioned are at odds with the very words of Jesus himself! Looks like you have a serious problem here.

    • Absolute forgery. Period. Duh. And you have failed to grasp all that I have posted from the Kabbalists, otherwise you would not have written up this post. We’ll just have to respectfully agree to disagree. And please know, that if we can just have mutual respect and dignity for our opposite viewpoints, we bring Light into this world. Kabbalah is all about uniting opposites. Unity brings Mashiach, not the concepts of right and wrong. So let me wish you genuine blessings and good fortune. Thanks, billy.

  11. Mr. Cohen says:

    Rabbi Tovia Singer exposes the falsehood of Jesus and Christianity:

  12. i was taught by Rav Berg and this is NOT what he taught

    • collegerabbi says:

      Well I’m happy to have an insider to set the record straight. And also to let this guy know what’s what once and for all. And appreciate you posting, because now if I ever hear anything like “well Rav Berg said…” I have a first-hand source to the contrary. Thank you for clarifying and your service on behalf of Israel and our people.

    • billy phillips says:

      Please read all my responses above. They stand on there on own. i quote the Zohar, i quote Kabbalist Rav Moses David Valle (Messiah of his generation), i quote 13th century Kabbalist Avraham Abulafia, and I share info from the lectures that the Rav shared on Shabbats for 1999-2001 about Jesus, Paul etc., and from my personal conversations with the Rav over 25 years.

      What does the Rav say about Jesus in the Rav’s manuscript that you have Roseanne, which i have a copy of, when the Rav gave it to me on Dec 31 1999, hours before the clock struck midnight and 2000 arrived?

      And I gave lectures on this very topic on behalf of the Kabbalah Centre, at their request, of which Rav Berg and Karen Berg are the spiritual leaders and directors. You can see those online at the Kabbalah Centre youtube channel or my blog.

      Wishing everyone a Chag Sameach as Chanukah arrives, which happens to be the Light called “Or Ganuz” the exact emanation of Light that the Zohar itself embodies. May the end of death come with infinite mercy and the arrival of global peace for all peoples of this earth without any further suffering or judgement. That would be the greatest miracle of all

      • collegerabbi says:


        We went through this already. I quoted Rav Hayyim Vital, with the RIGHT citation, that says exactly the opposite as what you’re trying to say, along with Rav Yehuda Petaya. Anyone who said what you didn’t want to hear, you disqualified. I established the fact that you can’t actually read any of the courses you quote with comprehension, and so you don’t actually know what they say. You have to rely on others for that. I established the problem of using manuscripts that no one else has access to that you claim are a trump, but the sources that are readily available and published all support my position the way I presented it on this site.

        Now we can add something else to the mix: Roseanne Barr, a close student of R’ Berg whose relationship is known even OUTSIDE of Kabbalah Centre circles, says R’ Berg never taught this. Given the lack of credibility you already built up with your other comments on this article, this would seem to be the death nail. If she says she wasn’t taught this, and never saw any of these manuscripts, why am I to believe that your relationship was that much stronger that he was saving the ‘good stuff’ for you and teaching her something you say is wrong? If there’s one thing that anyone can say about Roseanne is that she speaks the truth and pulls no punches. She says R’ Berg didn’t teach it; it didn’t happen. Unless you produce they magic manuscripts, AND we check the authenticity, AND you produce a video or audio lecture of R’ Berg teaching what you teach, there is no reason to believe you. None.

  13. billy phillips says:

    Please read all my responses above. They stand on there on own. i quote the Zohar, i quote Kabbalist Rav Moses David Valle (Messiah of his generation), i quote 13th century Kabbalist Avraham Abulafia, and I share info from the lectures that the Rav shared on Shabbats for 1999-2001 about Jesus, Paul etc., and from my personal conversations with the Rav over 25 years.

    What does the Rav say about Jesus in the Rav’s manuscript that you have Roseanne, which i have a copy of, when the Rav gave it to me on Dec 31 1999, hours before the clock struck midnight and 2000 arrived?

    And I gave lectures on this very topic on behalf of the Kabbalah Centre, at their request, of which Rav Berg and Karen Berg are the spiritual leaders and directors. You can see those online at the Kabbalah Centre youtube channel or my blog.

    Wishing everyone a Chag Sameach as Chanukah arrives, which happens to be the Light called “Or Ganuz” the exact emanation of Light that the Zohar itself embodies. May the end of death come with infinite mercy and the arrival of global peace for all peoples of this earth without any further suffering or judgement. That would be the greatest miracle of all

  14. Kenny Cartwright says:

    So sad to hear the name calling and suspicion going on in the comments here. I do have Ramad Valli’s Sefer Halikutim, from, and in the section on the “Subject of the Messiahs (Meshichin), on pg 242, R Valli explains that Yehoshua ben Nun was in the secret of Moshiach ben Yoseph because of the battles he fought to conquer the land. He then takes Yeshua Hanotzri’s statement that he didnt come to send peace but a sword, and ties him in with Yehoshua ben Nun and says that he (Yeshua Ha Notzri) is in the secret of Moshiach ben Yoseph, even though he was considered a “mamzer”. R. Valli claims Yeshua’s Rabbi was R Yehoshua b Perachia, and that the reason for Yeshua’s death was that the timing wasnt right.

    I am sort of paraphrasing her and going off memory- I gave the book and page number- if you can read Hebrew and have access to the book you can see for yourself and place it in context. The text neither demonizes or promotes Yeshua Hanotzri.

    But it is a shame, because in this debate there is lying on both sides of the aisle. ANd yet, Yeshua Hanotzri is not about converting at all, at least not for the Jew. He is about teshuvah- return to the Torah, do the least of the commandments, which in historical context (kal vchomer) means the taryag- the 613 mitzvot. And if you pay attention to his words, he also teaches his followers to go according to Rabbinic halachah.

    I think it is time to get off the missionary anti-missionary bandwagon (though the anti-missionaries have a vital mission, I think) and see Yeshua for who he really is and for what he really taught. It seems to me that is what R Valli did, as well as others (such as R Yaakov Emden, and more even in modern times), and quit the lashon ra.

    I mow this wont be received well ( a lot of bad history here), but hopefully it will spur one to think honestly. That has been the lacking feature all along

    • collegerabbi says:

      It’s nice to promote a middle position. However, it must be substantiated by the facts. If we accept the NT as historical, some things Jesus said were consistent with the Torah while others were not. I have made the case elsewhere that the historicity of the NT is suspect anyway. That means we actually have no clue about what he really taught, at least definitively. That being said, I believe it’s inappropriate to call everyone liars. Highly problematic and an accusation that shouldn’t be leveled w/o conclusive proof.

  15. billy phillips says:

    The manuscript (I Sette Giorni della Verità) of David Valle that i quoted was translated in front of me by the closest student to the Kabbalist, Rav Kadouri. This scholar, student of Kabbalah and disciple of Rav Kadouri is fluent in Hebrew, Italian and English. The translations are flawless and its a project we work on for a few years. For you to question my integrity, motive and to call me a Christian missionary when i am a Torah observant Israelite, born and bred an Israelite, as were both my parents and their parents, well it just smacks of the intolerance and narrow-mindedness and disrespect that is all too common with organized religion. Jesus came here to bring the Torah to the gentile nations. Period. To his close disciples he revealed the secrets of Kabbalah. To the masses he spoke in parable. It was Paul and others who created another religion, but this was done because of the sin of the Golden Calf and the destruction of the two tablets of Moses and the destruction of the Two Temples, which were the two Tablets also, according to the Zohar. We caused the creation of Christianity. Paul and others were just the effect. The same way we caused the destruction of the temple with our intolerance and hatred for one another without any basis in fact. Sort of like what’s happening here. The Romans were only the effect, not the cause of the sacking of Jerusalem.

    The Kabbalists lay the blame for all the world’s chaos at the doorstep of the Jews. Don’t blame me for their harsh words. Rabbi Moses Cordevero, The Ramak, and others, including the Zohar, lay the blame upon us.

    Our role was to bring the Light that shone on Mount Sinai to all the nations. We failed. Jesus tried to correct that sin. But the negativity of the Jews, the hatred for no reason, is what caused the death of Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Ishmael, Rabbi Gamaliel and Jesus and others to atone for the sins of the generation. That is from the Zohar.

    If we can look within and find our ego and self interest and take responsibility for all the chaos in the world, then we will see the dawn of true change and the arrival of authentic peace. That is the mission of the Kabbalists and all the students of Kabbalah. Change ourselves, share our Light with our Christian and Muslim brothers and bring that Light of Zohar to all nations. That, the Zohar says, is the way to our redemption through mercy, as opposed to judgement.

    • Yehezqel Italqi says:

      First I would like to say חג כשר ושמח to everyone.

      Second, Billy, I appreciate your compassion in creating an awareness about Y’shua. The gentlemen above, Mr. Cartwright posted a middle position on Y’shua to which College Rabbi responded with a partial acceptance, partial skepticism.

      I believe the College’s Rabbi’s skeptical view is the same as yours when it comes to accepting the NT. That skepticism would be based on Paul. Every opened minded Rav that I have spoken with shares this same view.

      My question to you is: “What makes you so sure that Paul deviated from Y’shua’s original message? What proof can you provide?”

      A lot of Paul’s concepts of the G-dHead is pure avodah zarah at face value but on a esoteric level he was alluding to מעשה מרכבה. Even R’ Aryeh Kaplan zt’l pointed out how many of Paul’s ideas of Y’shua find their origins in the hekhalot. At best Paul to Y’shua is what Rebbe Noson was to Rebbe Nachman. Paul was responsible with making gerim, which is why he spent time with so called gentiles in the synagogue. Due to the conflicting views of first century Judaism there was major machlokes between beis hillel, beis shammai and the צדוקים. In the NT, the Notzrim testified on behalf of Paul, both Kepha (Peter) and Ya’aqov (James) said many people were misunderstanding the “difficult” things Paul wrote. Difficult things like: “Moshiach is the firstborn of Creation, the fullness of the G-dHead dwells in him, he is the image of G-d, etc.” All these have their counterparts in Qabbalah and Chassidus.

      Paul focused much on חידושי תורה just as Jesus did on the Sermon of the Mount – it does not mean he was against Torah, chas v’shalom. If this was Paul’s actual position then the problem is not Paul but then gentiles who interpret his words and the words of Jesus. How can gentiles grasp Jewish concepts? This is why Chazal taught that the day the Torah was translated was as difficult for the people of Yisroel as the day on which the Golden Calf was made (Bavli, Shabbos 13b, 17a).

      How can non-Jews grasp the lofty, supernal language of the Torah. The majority of the Xtian world takes the allegorical concepts of the NT at hyper-literal value. They know nothing about the pardes. That’s like interpreting the Sefirot literally chas v’shalom!

      I find that once you place the NT back in its original Judaism it shares the story of a man named Y’shua who cam as Moshiach ben Yosef – not to physically fight war but to fight the spiritual forces of impurity (As Ramchal brings down in Maamar HaGeulah) and because Yisroel was not worthy he had to die (Cf. Bavli, Sukkah 52b, Ramchal and the GRA). Y’shua told his disciples to go to the goyim to make them disciples of the Father/Son/Spirit which is Keter/Chochmah/Binah not the Trinity. Why does making disciples have to do with the Trinity? Makes no sense, but when a you make a talmid or chosid in the image of Keter/Chochmah/Binah it makes sense.

      The Notzrim engaged in making gerim. Chazal says the only reason why HQBH exiled Yisroel to the goyim was to make gerim (Bavli, Pesachim 87b). The NT follows this same theme.

      In his iggeret to the kehilah of Ephesus, Paul told the Ephesians that prior to Moshiach they were זרים ונכרים but after gerius they were; לכן אינכם עוד גרים ותושבים כי־בני־עירם של־הקדשים ובני בית אלהים אתם. Paul was not promoting Xtanity, he was looking to regather the fallen sparks of Adam by bringing them into the Covenant of Yisroel. He was continuing the word of his Rebbe, Y’shua HaNotzri. Jesus had to descend into the klipah of darkness to redeem the lost light. Jesus came to destroy the spiritual impurity of Esav.

      Once Klal Yisroel understands this then IMO we will see Geulah.

      Your comments and thoughts are welcomed but please may they be שהיא לשם שמים.

      • collegerabbi says:

        Mr. Italqi please don’t misconstrue my words. There is not a bit of Billy Phillips position that I accept. You are certainly welcome to your beliefs but I ask that you not misrepresent my own personal beliefs, nor that of my people. I have made it abundantly clear why it is that Judaism rejects the NT narrative, Gospels and letters of Paul alike. The only thing I can say is that I have been willing and welcome to discussing these issues, and I have not used the same strong tone that many of our great rabbanim such as Rav Hayyim Vital and the Radak have. There is absolutely no classical source that Jesus was a fulfillment of any prophecy or kabbalistic inyan, and I have already addressed a number of those sources that allegedly claim otherwise.
        Kabbalah is not just a grouping of fancy words that can be thrown around and misused by anyone who likes. The word Kabbalah means received, that only those understandings passed down by the great rabbis of each generation are authentic, and what is being posted here is not part of that chain of tradition.

        • billy phillips says:

          Correction: Billy Phillips does not have a position. Billy Phillips shares the position of Kabbalist and Rabbi Moshe David Valle, and Rabbi Abraham Abulafia and Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai as written in the Zohar. So your corrected statement should read “There is not a bit of Rabbi Moshe David Valle, Rabbi Abraham Abulafia and Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai’s position that I accept.”

          • pouyan says:

            Billy, I myself have read the new testament and the story told about Jesus, I liked his teachings and words and except for some halachic issues that his diciples did ( like not washing hands before eating bread or breaking shabbos by reaping) the rest is a 100 percent tsaddik to my eyes and i see him a big righteous like baal shem tov and evne higher. However, I believe what talmud says as wel. first off Talmuds timing with the timing of jesus is not the same but some parts overlap. in addition, if R. shimon was at the time of Jesus, why other tannaim ( I am not sure if you know what tannaim means) like, Hillel, shammai etc. did not testify Jesus? and why the San hedrin ( the court) executed jesus while a big tanna like r. shimon was on his side? these things I do not understand and need to understand.
            I also have two critical questions about kabbalah center:

            1- I have wacthed veidoes of rosh hashana which is a holiday and we cannot film nor talk in the speaker. why PHilip Berg talked on the speaker? this is breaking the yom tov ( holy day).
            2- is the news about Yehuda berg true? He raped a girl and was ousted?

            Thank you

          • collegerabbi says:

            Hillel and Shammai predated the Tannaim. They were called the zugot. There is no way that Jesus could have lived during their time and known Ribbi Shimon, who lived 150-200 years later. Furthermore, the Greek Testament takes place right in the middle of their life times. 2 out of 3 narratives are not historical at all, or are talking about different people. There’s good reason to believe that the Talmud is speaking about a different Jesus (Josephus himself mentions 9), but that leaves you two conflicting historical narratives, besides the different historical contradictions found internally in the Greek Testament. Billy can’t answer the question because you have to bend three conflicting timelines into a pretzel to even start the question.

  16. Yehezqel Italqi says:

    CollegeRabbi – it was never my intention to misconstrue your words nor was I under the impression that you shared the same השקפה‎ or השכלה of Billy Phillips. I don’t think you fully understand where I am coming from on this issue.

    While you may speak for yourself, you do not speak for all yiddishkeit regarding the NT. As a Jew, I would respectfully disagree with your view on the NT. First, the points I raised above were directed at Billy Phillips – not you or anyone else. Second, if you take an issue with any of my points then feel free to make note of them. By connecting Qabbalistic concepts in the NT with the works of Chazal is not devaluing yiddishkeit but is explaining misnomers others have about the NT.

    This was my point in responding to Billy Phillips. In the mean time, if what I said goes against your subjective belief (on the points I raised) then please prove me wrong. In other words have actual evidence to disprove my thesis – not making statements that have no substance.

    Thank you and Kol Tuv

    PS. I am pretty familiar with קַבָּלָה, as a student of Ramchal I understand the metaphysical depths of it’s doctrine.

  17. “And the issue is that he [the Messiah] will stand up to him [Jesus] and will inform everyone that what he [Jesus] said to the Christians that he is a god, the son of God and a man, was a total lie. For he did not receive any power from the Special Name, but all his strength is dependent on the image of the תְלִי [Teli] Serpent, which is תָלוּי [talui] hung, on the Tree of Good and Evil Knowledge [cf. 2 Kings 18:1-5]. And the Messiah is crucified on the Tree of Life, which is the foundation upon which everything depends. And Jesus had a physical crucifixion because he crucified himself on a physical tree. And the Messiah is crucified these eighteen years on a spiritual thing, which is the divine intellect, and there remains two years of the period of his crucifixion” (Harvey J. Hames, A Seal within a Seal: The Imprint of Sufism in Abraham Abulafia’s Teachings, p.164, n.43; Medieval Encounters 12.2 (2006): 153-72).

  18. Our host College Rabbi is not wrong about the majority of our sages forbidding Jews who don’t keep Torah and mitsvot, let alone non-Jews, from learning Kabbalah. However, we should realize that the Kabbalah Center follows Rav Yehudah Ashlag z”l basic approach to outreach (albeit with an unfortunate admixture of commercialism and astrology). Contrary to most Rav Ashlag, and Rav Kook, both felt that now was the time:

    The Reason for the Concealment of Kabbalah

    Now you can understand the issue of the concealment of the wisdom of the hidden from the eyes of the externals, as well as what the sages said, “A gentile must not be taught Torah” (BT Sanhedrin 59a, cf. Ḥagigah 13a). There seems to be a contradiction between this and the Tanna Debei Eliyahu, who said, “Even a gentile, even a slave, and even a slave-girl who sit and learn Torah, Divinity is with them.” Thus, why did the sages prohibit teaching Torah to gentiles?

    Teaching Torah to Gentiles

    Indeed, the Tanna Debei Eliyahu relates to a converted gentile, or at least to one who retired from idol worshipping, from superstition. Our sages, conversely, referred to one who did not retire from idol worshipping and wanted to know Israel’s law and wisdom in order to strengthen and fortify their idolatry. And you might say, “Why should we care if this gentile has become more pious in his idol worshipping because of our Torah? If it does not help, what harm will it do?”

    Rashbi’s Weeping

    Indeed, this is what Rashbi cried for before he explained an important secret in the wisdom of the hidden, as it is written, “Rabbi Shim’on wept, ‘Woe if I say it! Woe if I do not say it! If I say it, sinners will know how to worship their Lord. If I do not say it, the Companions will be deprived of this word’” (Zohar 1:11b, cf. Zohar 3:74b; BT Bava Batra 89b).

    He was afraid lest this secret would come by the hands of idol worshippers and they would perform their idolatry with the force of this Holy Mind. This is what prolongs our exile and brings upon us all the afflictions and the ruins, as we now see before us, since the sages of the nations of the world studied all the books of the children of Israel and turned them into delicacies to strengthen their faith, meaning their wisdom, called “theology” (Ba’al ha-Sullam, Rav Yehudah Ashlag, A Slave-girl that is Heir to Her Mistress).

    • collegerabbi says:

      Even if R’ Ashlag and Rav Kook advocated teaching some kabbalistic concepts, as did the Hassidim, there were limits, and no one who studied some of the lighter works ever entertained that they were kabbalists. Certainly not people who couldn’t read it in the original Hebrew and Aramaic.

      • It seems from this passage that Esau is “illumined” all at once:

        “Rabbi Yehudah opened, Who is this looking forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun…? [Song of Songs 6:10]. This verse has been established and explained, but Who is this looking forth? – Israel, when the blessed holy One will raise them, bringing them out of exile. He will then open for them a tiny crack of light, then another opening, wider, until the blessed Holy One opens for them supernal gates facing four directions of the world. So with all the blessed Holy One does for Israel and for the righteous among them – always so, never all at once. This can be compared to a person thrown into darkness, dwelling in darkness constantly. When they want to illumine him, they must open the light to him like the eye of a needle, then wider, always gradually, until he is illumined with all the light fittingly. Similarly with Israel, as is said: Little by little I will drive them out before you [Exodus 23:30]. And so with one who is being cured: not all at once, but little by little, until he is fortified.

        But with Esau, not so! Rather, he is illumined all at once and deprived little by little, until Israel are fortified and eliminate him entirely from this world and from the world that is coming. Since he blazed all at once, he is annihilated completely, whereas Israel’s light increases little by little until they are invigorated and the blessed Holy One illumined them forever. Everyone asks, Who is this looking forth like the dawn? – at first a subtle glow; then fair as the moon, then bright as the sun, then awesome as bannered hosts [Song of Songs ibid.] – Beaming powerfully, intensely, fittingly” (Zohar 1:170a).

      • “Rabbi Yohanan said ‘What is meant by the verse, The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it’? [Psalms 68:11]” (BT Shabbat 88a).

        “The Shofar is the disclosure of the wisdom of the hidden in great masses, which is a necessary precondition that must be met prior to the complete redemption.

        And the books that have already been revealed through me in this wisdom will testify to it; that matters of the greatest importance have been spread out like a gown for all to see. This is a true testimony that we are already at the threshold of redemption, and that the voice of the great Shofar has already been heard, though not in the distance, for it still sounds very softly.

        But indeed, any greatness requires prior smallness, and there is no great voice if it is not preceded by a soft sound, for this is the way of the Shofar, that it progressively grows. And who better than I knows that I am not at all worthy of being even a messenger and a scribe for disclosing such secrets, and much less to thoroughly understand them. And why has the Creator done so to me? It is only because the generation is worthy of it, as it is the last generation, which stands at the threshold of complete redemption. And for this reason, it is worthy of beginning to hear the voice of Messiah’s Shofar, which is the revealing of the secrets, as has been explained” (Ba’al ha-Sullam, Rav Yehudah Ashlag, The Messiah’s Shofar).

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  20. pouyan says:

    So I did not quite understand, is the yeshua the student of rav ben perachya different than yeshua of the testament? and also the testaments were written in greek or hebrew? when exactly? could you please let me know. All i know is that jesus was yeahrs after R. Ben perachya ( some say the gmara was manipulated for censorship which will make it bad to my eyes since I would say it is not authentic if it is subject to manipulation..)

    and I could not understand why billy cant answer my questions?

    shavua tov

    • collegerabbi says:

      Okay. Jesus could be one of three people (provided he existed at all):
      1. Lived at time of Yehoshua ben Perachya 100 years before NT narrative (not Rabbi. That would be an anachronism as the term rabbi only really started being used after destruction of 2nd Temple.
      2. Lived at time period described in NT, which would not fit historically with Talmudic account.
      3. Time of Bar Yohai. I’ve heard some in Kabbalah Center say this, but I know not their source. Given the fact Christianity had already separated from Judaism by that point it’s highly unlikely that Jesus lived then.
      The Talmud was censored by the Christians. Many Jewish works were censored by them, but we have a number of the uncensored versions, and the works are otherwise consistent, so authenticity not an issue.
      Billy’s problem is that the sources we have available contradict what he says. He bases all of his arguments on manuscripts only he has, but we have to accept are more authentic and truthful than the wide range of sources available to the public.

      • pouyan says:

        Ok Thank you. So We really do not know who the real Jesus was and cannot judge him then..

        As for Billy, I do not believe in a work coming from K. center anymore. So sorry Billy if I had not seen veidos of youtube for rosh hashana or shabbos ( filming, etc) I would have given a littlee chance to your club.

  21. I believe this is the page of Zohar which informed Rabbi Vital’s comment in Sha’ar ha-Gilgulim:

    “And the son of an Israelite woman, he being the son of an Egyptian man, went out among the Children of Israel, and the son of the Israelite woman and a certain Israelite man brawled in the camp [and the son of the Israelite woman invoked the Name, vilifying it… וְנֹקֵב שֵׁם-יְהוָה מוֹת יוּמָת And he who invokes YHWH’s name shall be doomed to die—יֵשׁוּ (Yeshu), Jesus, is spelled out in reverse by the last letter of the first three Hebrew words] (Leviticus 24:10-11; 16).

    [And the son of an Israelite woman…] went out. Rabbi Yehudah said, ‘He went out from the sphere of all, he went out from the sphere of faith, and he went out from the sphere of the share of Israel. ‘Brawled in the camp—from here we learn: Whoever comes from polluted seed eventually exposes if before all. What causes this? Filth of the evil portion within him, for he has no share in the entire sphere of Israel.

    Rabbi Ḥiyya opened, ‘It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, the glory of kings, to probe a matter (Proverbs 25:2). It is the glory of God to conceal a matter—for a human is not permitted to divulge hidden matters not intended to be revealed, things covered by the Ancient of Days, as is said: that they may eat their fill and cover themselves elegantly (Isaiah 23:18). That they may eat their fill—until that place permitted to you, no farther. Nevertheless, and cover themselves עָתִיק (athiq), elegantly—and cover עָתִּיק (attiq), the Ancient One, surely!

    Alternatively, that they may eat their fill—the Companions who know ways and paths, to walk in the way of faith fittingly, such as the generation in which Rabbi Shim’on dwells. And cover the Ancient One—from other generations, for none of them are worthy to eat their fill and to have matters revealed among them. Rather, cover the Ancient One—as is said: Do not let your mouth make your flesh sin (Ecclesiastes 5:5). In the days of Rabbi Shim’on, a person would say to his fellow, ‘Open your mouth and let your words shine!’ After he passed away, they would say, ‘Do not let your mouth make your flesh sin.’ In his days, to eat their fill; and after he passed away, and cover the Ancient One—for the Companions stammer and cannot comprehend.

    Alternatively, to eat their fill—of those matters that are revealed. And cover the Ancient One—those matters that are covered.

    The son of the Israelite woman pronounced the Name (Leviticus 24:11). What is meant by וַיִּקֹּב (va-yiqqov), pronounced? Rabbi Abba said, ‘Va-yiqqov, Pierced, surely—as is said: וַיִּקֹּב (Va-yiqqov), He pierced, a hole in its door (2 Kings 12:10)—piercing what had been closed up.’

    His mother’s name was Shelomith daughter of Dibri (Leviticus 24:11). Until here, Scripture concealed his mother’s name; once it is written וַיִּקֹּב (va-yiqqov), pierced, Scripture נָקִיב (naqiv), designated, his mother’s name [as if to say, ‘Cursed be the one who bore and raised a son such as this’]. Rabbi Abba said, ‘Were it not that the Holy Lamp exists in the world, I would not be permitted to reveal. From here on, this word is conveyed only to the Companions, who are among the Reapers of the Field. Contrarily, any who seek to reveal to those who do not know—may their spirit expire!

    Come and see: It is written and the son of the Israelite woman and a certain Israelite man brawled in the camp (Leviticus 24:10). This verse has already been established; but this is the son of another wife of his father, husband of Shelomith. When that Egyptian copulated with [Shelomith] in the middle of the night, and [her husband] returned home and realized what had happened, he separated from her and no longer cohabited with her. He took another wife and engendered this one, called a certain Israelite man, whereas the other one is the son of the Israelite woman. If they brawled with one another, what need it there here for the Holy Name, and why did he curse the Holy Name? Well, in the midst of fighting, that certain Israelite man said something about [the other one’s] mother. Immediately, וַיִּקּוֹב בֶּן הָאִשָּׁה הַיִּשְׂרְאֵלִית (va-yiqqov ben ha-ishah ha-yisre’elit), the son of the Israelite woman pierced—as is said: (Va-yiqqov), He pierced, a hole in its door (2 Kings 12:10). Mystery of the matter: He took the ה״ (he) of the Holy Name [יהוה (YHWH)] and cursed, to defend his mother. This is piercing, for he pierced the Holy Name. This is uttered for the Reapers of the Field. Mystery of the matter: Such is the way of an adulteress: [she eats and wipes her mouth, and says, ‘I have done no wrong’] (Proverbs 30:20). Happy is the share of the righteous, who know the matter and conceal it! Thus it is said Have your quarrel with your neighbor, but another’s secret do not reveal (ibid 25:9).

    The final ה״ (he) [of יהוה (YHWH)] was the Female, suckling on two sides. Consequently, She took the weapons of the King to wreak Her vengeance. Take out the one who cursed (Leviticus 24:14). Thus it is written Every man shall revere his mother and his father (ibid. 19:3), reverence for one’s mother preceding that of one’s father. Happy are Israel in this world and in the world that is coming!

    Alternatively… Rabbi Yitsḥak said, ‘They brawled with one another and he said something about [the other one’s] mother, and that his father was the one killed by the Holy Name—as has been established: It is written הַלְהָרְגֵנִי אַתָּה אֹמֵר (Ha-lehargeni attah omer), Do you speak to kill me [as you killed the Egyptian]? (Exodus 2:14), for Moses killed him by the Holy Name. So he extended a word toward him. This is why it is written The son of the Israelite woman pronounced the Name, cursing it, and he was brought to Moses. Why? Because it pertained to Moses, since he had killed [the man’s] father by the Holy Name. Therefore, he was brought to Moses. Once Moses perceived, immediately, he was put under guard… (Leviticus 24:12); so father and son fell into Moses’ hands” (Zohar 3:105b-106b).

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