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#YuLin -Food For Thought

I recently learned of this festival that will be happening this week that I had never heard of called YuLin, but since I first heard about it the event news has gone viral.  For anyone not familiar: @TheCollegeRabbi @joshuapaulshow No it’s happening … Continue reading

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G-d is Not Your Nanny

There’s a major misconception about how G-d is expected to relate to the world, because obviously G-d is supposed to relate to the world by the rules we establish for Him.  According to the popular wisdom, if G-d does not … Continue reading

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Prepare Thyself

I gave this 3 minute talk a day or two ago.  It’s about the importance of preparing for mitzvot and how it may arguably better more important than the mitzvah itself. I don’t do transcripts so enjoy!     from … Continue reading

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