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The Delusion of Alienation-Parshat Emor 2013

A lot of people are trying to understand how could it be that two American teenagers could do what the Tsarnaev’s did in Boston.  I believe believe both sides are equally concerned with trying to stop it, but taking it … Continue reading

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Profiteering off of Jewish Ritual

I am well aware by now that many Christian groups have reversed the traditional anti-Jewish position that the various Churches have taken over the centuries.  I am even aware that some have started Judaizing, which is the practice of adopting … Continue reading

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Righteousness of an ‘Entitled’ Girl’s Rant

Maybe Suzy Lee Weiss was whining.  That’s really not for me to evaluate.  Her message was nonetheless stinging and insightful: the college admission process has made the tafel ikar and the ikar tafel (the secondary primary and the primary secondary). … Continue reading

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It’s a Boy, and other eighth day ideas-Parshat Shemini 2013

This will probably be the last of a blitz of things I’ve written/posted… about having a son, which is a big deal for me.  I really thought after 2 girls that was it for having a boy.  It is different. … Continue reading

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